Burying Buddies Story

burying-buddies-partners-pic1-edited.jpgBurying Buddies... What? 

We know, the name sounds a little dark. But the reality is it is based off a simple, light, and funny lifetime story.

Once upon a time there were three friends... Shawn, Eric, and Brandon. Over the years thru all of life's tribulations, these friends stayed together and shared good times and bad.  One day Shawn and Eric were socializing (yes... alcohol was involved) and Shawn said to Eric, you are such a good friend that if you ever needed to take somebody out, you could give me a call and I would help bury the person. Then with a hint of humor, Shawn said, but that is only good once. Any additional times and that would be like a serial killer, and we can't have that!"

Of course, Shawn did let Eric know that he wasn't going to actually do that, and that it was just meant to show how valuable and loyal a friend Eric was to him. The story would go on to be that Shawn was again socializing (yes... alcohol was involved) with Brandon, and the same basic story was played out. 

The Meaning of "Burying Buddy"

Hence... that is the story behind the term of Burying Buddies and what it really means. It is just a level of friendship that goes above and beyond the usual friendship. 

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